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Below are the upcoming and current running competitions on Drustcraft

Build of the Month

The build of the month competition is run, well every month!

You can submit either your survival build, and it will be decided by staff votes. Onto the rules!

Entries open: 1st of each month
Entries close: 25th of each month

  • Each player may only submit a single build each month (if you submit more than 1, your last one will be entered)
  • You may submit a non-winning build from previous BOTM
  • You may NOT submit any entries from other competitions
  • A minimum of 3 builds are required to be entered each month, or the competition is cancelled
  • There is no size limit for your build
  • Your build can be inside any region, in any world on a Drustcraft server (except past and current workshops, creative, dungeons, template regions/worlds)
  • The use of mods, tutorials, blueprints is not allowed
  • Any player rank or role can submit an entry. Voting players will be disqualified from voting if they include an entry


  • Knight rank for 60 days
  • BOTM in-game Trophy
  • 1 x Large backpack
  • 40 x Diamonds
  • 40 x Emeralds
You can use the /getpos command for this information
Tell us where to find photos of your build, or we can create them ourselves!