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Reporting a Bug / Player

If you would like to report a player, visit the Report a Player page or raise a ticket in Discord using the -ticket command.

Appealing a Mute / Ban

If you have been muted or banned from our servers, you can only request an appeal by visting the Appeal page, or by emailing [email protected]. Please include your Minecraft/Discord names and a strong reason (my brother was on my account is not accepted!)

General Support

Questions around playing, general support or anything that is not answered in our guide can be sent through to us using the form on this page or at [email protected]

Staff Application

We are not accepting staff applications at this time.

Corporate Address

Official mail can be set to the following address:

Drustcraft Pty Ltd
P.O.Box 36
Edmonton, QLD, 4869

We'll never share your email with anyone else.