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Server Chat

Players can chat on the Minecraft server by pressing the T key, entering their message and pressing enter. Chat is broadcast across the entire server for all to see, read and reply!

Discord Chat

Drustcraft also runs a Discord server which has a #in-game channel which echos, well, the in game chat for all to read. Some players, depending on their rank also have the ability to use this channel to talk to in game players as if they are logged into the server!

Emojis and Item Icons

Drustcraft supports emojis within Minecraft chat when a player enters the emoji code. Players can also display most item icons by entering the items name surrounded by colons. If the item name contains a space, replace that with an underscore. For example, to display the acacia boat icon, enter :acacia_boat: in the chat box.

Chat Filter

Minecraft chat and Discord #in-game chat is logged and run through a filter to verify if it is appropriate. The filter has 3 categories of offenses:

  • Notify - Staff and the player are notified a potential offensive word has been used in a message. These are generally low key words that can be derogatory depending on the context used. If the word is commonly used in English outside of a derogatory term, the player may not be notified
  • Kick - The player is kicked for a derogatory/offensive term, or being a meanace in chat (constantly repeating the same text or using caps). Staff will review the context of the message and may issue a temporary or permanent player ban
It is not perfect!

While the filter will catch most terms, it may not catch all. If you receive a message that you deem offensive, please report it to us and we will review it

The filter may also catch false positives. If this is the case for you, please let us know and if it is deemed a false positive, you may be rewarded!

Direct Messaging

You can direct message a player using the command /msg <player> <message>. For example, if I want to secretly message the player lstone01 about an attack, I would enter /msg lstone01 I think I have seen mistercobra on the other side.

While we mention the command /msg here, you can also use /tell or /w in the exact same way!