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The following are commands that are available to players in Drustcraft while in the Wilderness. This is not designed to be a complete list, just the most common ones!

When in creative game-mode, you may have access to commands from goBrush, goPaint, WorldEdit and VoxelSniper depending on your rank.


You can teleport to a creative region by using the command /creative <region-name>. If you leave the creative region or use the command /creative leave you will be teleported back to where you originally came from.


Drustcraft chat allows players to enter emojis by using special codes. By entering the command /emoji you will be presented with a book containing all the available emojis and their codes.


The /getpos command will give you a simple readout of your current world position.


Want to show your appreciation to someone, but have nothing to give? Face the player (or item) and enter /hug to give them a hug!


To view your current skill levels.


Stuck in the world? You can use the /stuck command to be teleported back to your bed or world spawn. When you run the command, you must stay still for a period of time! This command may also cost you items within your inventory.


Using the /stuck command while in creative will move you to the next surface block above you.


The /stuck command, when used in a Dungeon will teleport you force you to leave the dungeon.