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Dungeons are special areas in Drustcraft that your group is able to privately take on some of the hardest conditions, mobs and bosses and in return gain some high value loot. Dungeons are fully destructable!

Limited time

Once a dungeon is opened, your party will have around 30-45 seconds to enter before the entrance collapses! Any players who miss out will need to wait until the entrance re-opens.

You get 1 chance!

Players who disconnect, teleport out of or die inside a dungeon will respawn outside of the dungeon and will not be able to re-enter until the entrance re-opens.

Once everyone who was in the dungeon has left, the dungeon will reset and the entrance will generally re-open in around 1 to 9 hours time.

Carry only what you need

As in the wilderness, if you die inside a dungeon, you will drop everything you are carrying and respawn outside the dungeon. Once you leave the dungeon, you have no way to return to collect your items.