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Getting Started

Server Address:

Start by reading and understanding the community rules.

Drustcraft is a primarily a PvP role playing Survival server. This guide has been created to help you get started on the basics.

Staff members are available to ensure players are following the rules. Respect staff and listen to them. Generally they do not return lost items, settle any disputes or provide asstance outside of what can be found in this guide.

Adding the Server

Start Minecraft, click Multiplayer and then Add Server

Server Name: Drustcraft
Server Address:
Server Resource Packs: Enabled

Server Info

Click Done and then click the server name to join.

After joining for the first time, you will receive a few basic items. Explore the town as its a safe PvP area and usually a location to hang out and trade with other players.

No Begging

Please DO NOT beg for food or other items from players.

Bot Check

New players may be subjected to a bot check and be asked to enter a code into the chat. After the bot check is completed, you should not be asked again.

Antibot Notice

If you fail the bot check too many times, you will be kicked and maybe banned from the server.

Joining FAQs

Can I use Bedrock/Tablet edition?

We no longer support Bedrock or tablet edition of Minecraft due to its limited features.

Since December 2021, we have included new weapons, armour, monsters, blocks and items using custom 3D models. These are unfortunately not supported in Bedrock at this time.

What versions of Minecraft do you support?

The server is currently running 1.18.1 and we support clients running any release version of 1.18 (which includes 1.18.2). We do not support pre-release or snapshot versions.

What are the flying iron horse armors floating around?

This means the server resource pack is not loaded or is being over-ridden by your own resource pack. This server uses a lot of custom blocks, mobs and models and requires server resource packs enabled.