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Drustcraft is FREE to play, however running the server and adding features does cost us time and money. Any support players can give back is highly appreciated either by subscribing to ranks, helping players or contributing to builds and development.

Edit Signs
Coloured Text on Signs
Coloured Text in Books
Enderchest Rows466
Bank Rows466
Automatic Chests
Skill XP Bonusx1x1x1.5
Create Map Markers
Craft Backpacks
Create a Guild
Block Belt in Creative
VoxelSniper in Workshops
Early access to Quests, Dungeons and Items
Send messages to Minecraft from Discord
Access Discord voice chat


The helper role is a special role that we give monthly access away for players that are active and supportive to others. This can be:

  • Gives plenty of feedback on upcoming areas and items
  • Supports other players who get stuck in-game
  • Does some awesome work in our creative or workshop areas
  • Contributes to our website guide, engine code or items over at GitHub

Access to this role on a monthly basis is up to the descression of Staff.

With this role, you will receive most of the benefits of Knight, however will have the Helper prefix.