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Most of the server is a region we call the wilderness where players are set to the survival game-mode. The wilderness is a free-for-all environment where griefing, theiving and pvp is allowed!


There are several towns scattered across the server. These regions generally have vendors, quests and other communial items available for players.

While players will remain in a survival game-mode, the ability to place/break blocks is prevented as well as PVP. Mobs however can attack you.


You will find a few creative areas in the world of Evalyn. These creative areas will change your game-mode to creative and allow free building. You cannot take any items from a creative region back into the wilderness, nor can you interact with inventory items such as chests/anvils. Portal creation is also blocked!

No Griefing

Griefing in a creative area is NOT permitted. Creative regions are also cleared from time to time.

Players, when in creative may have access to special tools to make building easier (depending on their rank):


Several times a year, Drustcraft and other organisations run workshops on the server inside special workshop regions.

If you are part of a workshop, you will automagically change game-mode to creative when entering the region. The same restrictions apply in a workhsop region as per a creative region.

When you are far away from a workshop region, or the workshop is in another world, you can teleport to the workshop using the command /workshop <name> then /workshop leave (or walk outside the workshop region) to return to your original location.

When inside a workshop, you may have access to the same special tools in creative as well as workshop commands.

Not part of the workshop? You can freely walk around the region, however you will remain in survival game-mode and will be prevented from making any changes.