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April Update

· 2 min read


April has rolled around and more updates have occurred on Drustcraft! Thanks to iron_boy789 and lstone01 for testing.


  • More player skills added
  • Emojis have changed due to moving to the ItemsAdder plugin
  • Town Clerks now announce the items you receive in your weekly reward
  • Players are now reminded to visit a Town Clerk within 30 minutes after respawning to claim a respawn kit


  • First time players will now always receive a wooden sword and a 50% change of a wooden axe or pickaxe
  • Player names are no longer flagged in chat if they trigger the chat filter
  • Gamemode inventories fixes
  • Fixed rare condition that a player will change to Creative after teleporting
  • Mobs will no longer spawn in the world spawn region
  • /coords Current Y position fixed
  • Map icons fixed
  • Herobrine will no longer spawn in Rowe!
  • Lots of other bug fixes


  • /creative <area> and /creative leave commands added
  • Added Goat Horns
  • Stones and leaves now spawn on the ground with grass and flowers
  • More general regions added to the map
  • New MOD role added
  • Lots of website updates!


  • Waypads added between Vareal and Rowe
  • Added lots of Vendors


  • The Mithril Catacombs have been updated from its original addition, increasing drops, increasing mobs and changing the default layout to make it more of a challenge.
  • Dungeons will now remain option after the first player enters for 45 seconds instead of 20 seconds
  • Dungeons now re-enable after 2-3 hours instead of after 6 hours
Lost Inventories

Some players may have lost their inventories due to a severe bug. We are sorry for this. If you happen to be bitten by this, visit a town clerk and tell them plshelp to receive:

  • A stack of Diamonds
  • A stack of Emeralds
  • Full Netherite Gear

-- nomadjimbob