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March Update

· 2 min read


We are already in March, time flies when you're having fun! A lot of updates and bugs where squashed last month with lots more planned.


  • VoxelSniper was added and can be used in Creative mode
  • Marker signs can be created that can be seen on the map!
  • Shift clicking a chest will move the same items that are inside the chest from your inventory to that chest


  • Shulkers will now respawn in the end
  • Herobrine has an increased chance appearing but will only spawn 500+ blocks from spawn
  • /npc select permissions has been corrected
  • The :| emoji now works correctly in chat
  • Players stuck in Creative when leaving a workshop in a specific way no longer occurs
  • "button" and "space" are no longer trigged by the chat filter


  • When a player falls into the void 3 times in a row due to a spawning issue, they will automagically teleport back to Evalyn spawn
  • GoPaint, GoBrush where added and can be used when in Creative mode
  • /pspeed, /pweather and /speed are now available in Creative mode
  • Backpacks in 3 sizes are now available from backpack vendors
  • /getpos is now available to players to get their current position
  • You will now received a discovered region message when you, well, discover a new region
  • New skill system is partially active. More info next month!
  • A new competition form is now on the website
  • Lots of website updates!


  • A Discord Booster rank was added with benefits
  • Server better protects against repeated spam chat
  • Players can ping each other in chat using @<player-name>
  • /coords will now display the type of block you click and its flags
  • Movement/Teleport potions have been renamed to better represent what they do!
  • The discord bot will now refer to you as your nickname if you have one
  • Cooldown no longer applies when teleporting
  • Added new sea_lantern_off block
  • Item values have been updated

-- nomadjimbob