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We are already in March, time flies when you're having fun! A lot of updates and bugs where squashed last month with lots more planned.


  • VoxelSniper was added and can be used in Creative mode
  • Marker signs can be created that can be seen on the map!
  • Shift clicking a chest will move the same items that are inside the chest from your inventory to that chest


  • Shulkers will now respawn in the end
  • Herobrine has an increased chance appearing but will only spawn 500+ blocks from spawn
  • /npc select permissions has been corrected
  • The :| emoji now works correctly in chat
  • Players stuck in Creative when leaving a workshop in a specific way no longer occurs
  • "button" and "space" are no longer trigged by the chat filter


  • When a player falls into the void 3 times in a row due to a spawning issue, they will automagically teleport back to Evalyn spawn
  • GoPaint, GoBrush where added and can be used when in Creative mode
  • /pspeed, /pweather and /speed are now available in Creative mode
  • Backpacks in 3 sizes are now available from backpack vendors
  • /getpos is now available to players to get their current position
  • You will now received a discovered region message when you, well, discover a new region
  • New skill system is partially active. More info next month!
  • A new competition form is now on the website
  • Lots of website updates!


  • A Discord Booster rank was added with benefits
  • Server better protects against repeated spam chat
  • Players can ping each other in chat using @<player-name>
  • /coords will now display the type of block you click and its flags
  • Movement/Teleport potions have been renamed to better represent what they do!
  • The discord bot will now refer to you as your nickname if you have one
  • Cooldown no longer applies when teleporting
  • Added new sea_lantern_off block
  • Item values have been updated

-- nomadjimbob

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Rafji The Team at Drustcraft and all our players wish our South East QLD players well and hope you are all safe during these times. When you are able to get back online, send us a message in Discord to let us know that you are OK.

From this Wednesday (02 March), tell any town clerk letsgo to receive the Knight rank free for 28 days.

There is absolutely no rush to do this, it will be available for the next 28 days and if you are from SEQ and still didn't get the chance, let lstone01 or nomadjimbob know through DM or open a ticket in #open-a-ticket and we will enable it for you.

I already have the rank?

If you are already a Knight rank subscriber, don't worry we are thinking of you as well. Instead you will recieve the following items:

  • 20 x Emeralds
  • 20 x Diamonds
  • 3 x random potion (random selection between escape/adventures/home sickness/recall)
  • 2 x potions of Duinn
  • 20% chance of a medium backpack!

Not a bad haul at all!

-- lstone01

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Minecraft robot by Creeper Jake. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

With the rise of Minecraft bots making the rounds across the internet looking for ways to gain OP access to servers we are enabling a few antibot measures to protect our players and servers.

These antibot changes are designed to be not intrusive for existing players, nor challenging for any new players.

When you next join the server, you may be ased to verify you are infact a human by entering a 4 digit code such as below

You will not be able to chat, nor enter any commands until you have entered this antibot code. Once you have done this check, your account will be verified and you will not be asked again!

Hack attempts are taken seriously

Finally, if you are found attempting to exploit the server (such as the Log4J exploit), your account will automatically receive a permanent ban. No jokes, no undos, it is forever and ever!, so don't bother asking to be pardoned.

-- nomadjimbob

· 2 min read


For a while, Drustcraft has given players the ability to use WorldEdit inside creative areas and workshops, but for some players, WorldEdit can be a little bit too much, and in some cases, not enough!

Today we introduce GoPaint, GoBrush for all players, and VoxelSniper for those with a Knight subscription!


These plugins are ONLY available when in a creative area or when you have editing permissions within a workshop


GoPaint is a plugin that is designed to simplify painting inside of Minecraft, with all the essential features required for painting. It includes a wide range of brush types that can be used to paint organics, terrain and even structures and also a revolutionary Surface Mode which lets you paint only the viewable blocks.


GoBrush will streamline and simplify your mountain building experience. Using heightmaps you can quickly and easily create stunning mountain ranges in minutes using the premade designs or become more advanced and create your own custom heightmaps to make the experience even more unique.


VoxelSniper is the premier long range map editing tool for Minecraft. This mod allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gunpowder (for adding). It is best used by those with a strong attention to detail and fits a wide array of applications, from making detailed edits to structures with the snipe brush, to making massive terraforming jobs a breeze with some of the earth shattering soft selection tools.

-- nomadjimbob

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With a new world comes a new spawn, and in Evalyn it is a region named Vareal and sitting at its center is a temple.

Currently when you enter the world, you will spawn to the west of Vareal, so head east and check out the work underway.

This is an open workshop and all is welcome to join in and help out!

How to I join?

Hop over to Discord and use the command /code vareal and you will be given permission to use WorldEdit and creative tools whenever you enter the region.

But I'm on the other side of the map!

No problems, if the workshop area is far away, simply type in the command /workshop vareal to teleport to the region. If you leave the region, or use /workshop leave you will be teleported back to where you last were!

How can I help?

nomadjimbob and lstone01 are leading this workshop so what we are thinking is:

  • The temple sits inside the sand mountain, with only the front exposed, kinda like the sand as collected over it
  • The front is a large pillar walkway heading out to a whalf with a large boat docked
  • Inside the temple, it appears to be dug into the sand mountain with various rooms and traders around
  • The end of the temple is a lava parkour!
  • We also need a lower room that will be used for a new railway or teleporter platforms

More discussion over in Discord in the #vareal channel!

-- nomadjimbob

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Hello everyone!

2022 is definitely here and we are now rolling out some major changes across Drustcraft to bring the server to 1.18, reduce some of the staff overheads and bring in some QoL changes.

Last year we had some great builds, but the time has come to move on.

Goodbye Azentina

Azentina has been around in different forms since 2019, and from early February, the world will be archived and be replaced with the new world Evalyn, with an all new hub town Vareal.


With this new release, we are making some major code changes with the previous armours and weapons being recreated. Also to combat the issue that players in the past have been using cheats and hack clients, we will be clearing all inventories and enderchests.

New Guide

We are also introducing a new Guide that includes everything you need to know about playing in Drustcraft.

There is a lot of work to do between now and the opening of Evalyn, so we do not expect every feature to be available off the bat, however we are working as fast as we can debugging and intergrating the systems with all the new platforms.

See you in Evalyn! -- nomadjimbob