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· 3 min read

The Wild Update

The 1.19 update is finally here! The Drustcraft team is working hard to get the server ready for the update. We are almost ready to fight the warden but while you wait why don't you read about the update.

New Blocks

A lot of new blocks have been added including a new wood type. This new wood type is called mangrove and can be found in the mangrove swamps. If you travel under the surface you might find an ancient city. The ancient city contains a lot of new blocks and even a new mob. Be careful around these blocks because they are very sensitive to sound and may call for help.

New Items

There are quite a few new items that are being added. From the ancient city there are a disc fragment, new music disc, echo shard and a recovery compass. There is also two new items from animals are coming. These are the goat horn and the bucket of tadpoles. Of course we can't have a new wood type without adding a boat to go with it!

New Mobs

What would a minecraft update be without adding at least one new mob? Well this update adds 4! The frogs and tadpoles have different variants depending on where they are spawned. The allay is the mob added from the 2021 mob vote. They try to find items and drop them off at you. The last mob that was added was the warden. The warden is found in the deep dark and is minecraft's first fully blind mob. The warden can find you by the vibrations you make when you move so be careful when you go caving.

Boat Changes

There was a new boat variant added in this update. Its the boat with chest variant. This new boat adds a way to transport more items with a boat. The only downside to this boat is only one person can travel in it as the chest takes the second spot.

World Generation

The deep dark is a biome at the deepest part of the worlds. This is where the warden spawns. The ancient cities can also spawn here. The ancient cities are a new structure that also has chests full of loot. The cities are also very large and has rooms full of redstone under it. The mangrove swamps are a new biome. It is the only place that spawn mangrove trees and even allows warm frogs and slimes but no other mobs. The frogs have a pale green colour instead of yellow in a normal swamp. No witch huts spawn here as well.

Well thanks everyone for reading. I hope you will have as much fun exploring the caves as we do and don't die to much while battling it out with the warden. See you next time!