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Goat stands on a hill

The snapshots trek on, and Mojang Studios have now released 22w17a.

Goat horns now officially make an appearance, thou we have had them as a custom item in Drustcraft for a while now! Use the horn to play a loud sound that can be heard from afar with each horn having its own sound based on the Goat it originated from. There are 8 Goat Horn variants, 4 of them exclusive to screaming Goats.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Java Edition Snapshot 22w17a includes:

New Features in 22w17a

  • Added Goat Horn!

Goat Horn

  • A Goat Horn drops when a Goat rams a tree or any other hard block that occurs naturally where Goats spawn (Logs, Stone, Packed Ice, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, or Emerald Ore)
    • Other solid blocks are unfamiliar to the Goat, so it won’t ram them
  • Use the horn to play a loud sound that can be heard from afar
  • Each horn has its own sound based on the Goat it originated from
  • There are 8 Goat Horn variants, 4 of them exclusive to screaming Goats
  • Goat Horns can sometimes be found in Pillager Outposts

Changes in 22w17a

  • The Allay connecting with Note Blocks is now better visualized by the vibration particle
  • The Allay connecting with Note Blocks can now be blocked by Wool Blocks again
  • Replaced realms subtle selected world highlight with a clear green checkmark
  • Updated the Brewing Stand’s base UVs and texture to match a graphical fix in Bedrock Edition
  • Explosions caused by player-ignited TNT now cause experience to drop from broken blocks (such as ore blocks and sculk)
    • We will be keeping an eye on feedback for this change, it might change in a future update
  • Sculk blocks now have very low blast resistance
  • Warden balancing


  • Their ranged attack will now:

    • Bypass shields and armor
    • Deal 10 damage instead of 30 damage, and the cooldown has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
    • Display a custom death message
  • Wardens now drop a single Sculk Catalyst upon death

Technical Changes in 22w17a

  • Signed Chat
  • Removed dampenable_vibrations game event tag

Multiplayer Secure Chat Signing

This is the first step in a process to provide more security and player safety features for in-game chat. We'd love to hear your thoughts, but keep in mind that many features such as server-driven styling of chat messages are still missing.

  • Chat messages between players are now cryptographically signed
  • Players are given a Mojang provided key-pair on startup
  • Servers can require players to have a Mojang-signed public key by setting enforce-secure-profile=true in
    • Enforcing secure profiles will prevent players without a Mojang-signed public key from connecting
    • By default this is set to false, allowing players to connect without a Mojang-signed public key
  • Chat styling is now handled via server resource packs with the translation key chat.type.text

Fixed Bugs in 22w17a

  • Texture Z-Fighting at Wolf/Dog/Cat snout
  • Illager/(zombie) villager/witch robes don’t render the last two rows of pixels
  • Leather cap texture overlay doesn’t align correctly
  • Cleric collar z-fighting
  • Ores no longer drop experience when blown up
  • Landing entities such as minecarts and armor stands trigger sculk sensors but boats do not
  • Boats ridden over wool are detected by sculk sensor
  • Projectiles landing on wool trigger sculk sensors
  • Sculk sensors are not activated upon backwards movement in a boat
  • Sculk sensors are not activated upon entities sliding on ice
  • Weaponsmith zombie villager texture has leftover pixels from the regular weaponsmith texture
  • Llama uses pre-1.14 chest texture
  • Mismatches within (zombie) villager textures
  • Savanna Zombie Villager missing a body texture
  • Savanna villager body defines pixels identical to base villager texture
  • Vindicator’s crossed arms element has miscolored pixels on the faces touching the other arm elements
  • Iron golem has unused pixels in the texture
  • Fence item model’s bars inconsistent with placed block
  • “Half” armor bar icon texture is incorrect
  • Sculk blocks don’t drop experience orbs when blown up
  • Sculk cannot replace soul sand or mud when mobs die on top of them
  • tadpole.png has unused frog egg texture
  • If allay is holding an item, it can be equipped with armor using a dispenser
  • Blocks that require support can generate floating in ancient cities
  • Pillar in Ancient City can generate with waterlogged stairs
  • Allays and villagers create ghost items when they take items from a stack and cannot fit the whole stack in their inventory
  • Allays ignore the dimension when checking for liked note blocks
  • The inner two planes in mangrove roots are smaller than they should be
  • Shading is disabled for the two inner planes in mangrove roots, even though it isn’t for all the other planes
  • Doing /locate stronghold in some single biomes causes an unexpected error
  • Z-fighting can be seen around the backs of frogs when they open their mouths
  • Some blocks in Ancient City structures can only be covered by sculk veins and can’t be converted into a sculk block
  • Flying and aquatic mobs pathfinding in certain blocks cause crash || The game crashed whilst ticking entity Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “dnm.a()” because “$$1” is null
  • Chunk rendering is glitchy / incorrect when redrawing
  • Paintings are off-centered in multiplayer servers
  • Teleporting armor stands results in visual desync and abnormal behavior
  • Blocks and items can cause the world to render invisibly
  • Sculk can spread in ancient city structures and replace soul sand with fire on top, extinguishing fires
  • Narrator improperly narrates chat
  • The rendering of players is delayed for others

Players can download and play snapshots on their computer, however Drustcraft does not support players using a snapshot version as it is a special pre-release version for testing purposes only.

-- nomadjimbob