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· One min read


Wow, 2 months in the making and hundreds of hours spent, the hard work of all those who participated in the Vareal Temple Workshop paided off with this awesome looking temple next to spawn.

Over the next few days, staff will add the finishing touches, however players can now enter the area, interact with the NPCs, get their weekly rewards from Rafji or trade with the numerous vendors.

Throughout the temple are the Vareal Priests, they are not very talkative, but a few suprises may appear in connection to them soon...

Other areas inside the temple will be opened to players such as the Mithril dungeon, meeting room and tunnels. Additional vendors and quest givers will also make an appearance once they have been approved.

Stay tuned for our next workshop opening soon!

-- nomadjimbob

· 2 min read


With a new world comes a new spawn, and in Evalyn it is a region named Vareal and sitting at its center is a temple.

Currently when you enter the world, you will spawn to the west of Vareal, so head east and check out the work underway.

This is an open workshop and all is welcome to join in and help out!

How to I join?

Hop over to Discord and use the command /code vareal and you will be given permission to use WorldEdit and creative tools whenever you enter the region.

But I'm on the other side of the map!

No problems, if the workshop area is far away, simply type in the command /workshop vareal to teleport to the region. If you leave the region, or use /workshop leave you will be teleported back to where you last were!

How can I help?

nomadjimbob and lstone01 are leading this workshop so what we are thinking is:

  • The temple sits inside the sand mountain, with only the front exposed, kinda like the sand as collected over it
  • The front is a large pillar walkway heading out to a whalf with a large boat docked
  • Inside the temple, it appears to be dug into the sand mountain with various rooms and traders around
  • The end of the temple is a lava parkour!
  • We also need a lower room that will be used for a new railway or teleporter platforms

More discussion over in Discord in the #vareal channel!

-- nomadjimbob