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The Drustcraft rules are based around common sense, fairness and identity protection, with this page outlining the most common rules. These rules are in addition to the Terms and Conditions agreement when using areas of Drustcraft.

This page is not intended to be a complete list of every rule and possible cause. The Drustcraft team reserves the right to judge each case individually and apply punishments/forgiveness at their own discretion.

These rules apply to all areas of Drustcraft, including Discord.

Our rules can change at any time, with rules also available in-game using the command /rules.

You are responsible for all activity on your account and from your IP address. The use of alternate "alt" accounts is not permitted.

If you are in doubt if something is allowed, ask a Staff member through email at [email protected], or as a private support ticket in Discord using the -ticket command.

General Rules

  1. Be polite and respectful to everyone
  2. Do not share private information with other players
  3. Do not hack, cheat, or use glitches
  4. No spamming or advertising
  5. No trolling, harassing, stalking, bullying or begging
  6. Staff decisions are final
  7. Keep chat, builds, skins and names at PG-13 at all times
  8. Do not sell in-game items for real-life money or trades
  9. Do not impersonate staff
  10. Do not report or message staff with false accusations
  11. Do not use Alternate Accounts
  12. Use common sense
  13. Do not use any Minecraft client mods that gives you an advantage
  14. Resource packs should be limited to only aesthetic changes
  15. Do not create lag machines, exploit plugins or use mods that can lag the server

What is allowed?

  1. Griefing is permitted in survival mode
  • However griefing is not allowed in workshops or creative areas
  1. Killing AFK players


  • Multiple warnings in 3 months will be escalated into a ban

    • This is not automated and is at staff discretion.
  • Ban duration is based on context

    • Bans are not automated and the duration is at staff discretion.

Punishments can include being kicked, warned, muted, banned, forfeit of rank either temporary or permanently.

By breaking the rules and being banned, you forfeit your right to keep any inventory/chest items and these may be removed.


Bans can be appealed by emailing [email protected] Appeals WILL NOT be accepted in any other form. Appeals will be responded to within 7 days.